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Digital orthophoto on initial geoportal

The Republic Geodetic Authority has started presenting digital orthophoto produced within the CARDS programme.

The Project of Digital Orthophoto Production in the Republic of Serbia, being implemented within the donation of the European Union – CARDS Programme, is successfully coming to an end. The Project envisages the production of digital orthophoto in two projections: ETRS89/UTM and Gauss-Kruger Projection. The delivery of digital orthophoto in UTM projection to the Republic Geodetic Authority started during 2009, while the delivery in Gauss-Kruger projection is expected in the following period.

The Republic Geodetic Auhtority has started presenting the delivered and verified digital orthophoto for urban areas, of the resolution of GSD-10 cm, on the initial geoportal ( The produced orthophoto (in all three resolutions: 10 cm, 20 cm and 40 cm) is, after being received and verified by the RGA, planned to be successively presented on the initial geoportal and thus made widely available.

The current digital orthophoto of the resolution of GSD-10 cm is available on the geoportal on the Orthophoto-10 cm layer.

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