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Active geodetic reference basis of Serbia

Active geodetic reference basis of Serbia (AGRBS) refers to permanent precise satellite-based positioning service in the territory of the Republic of Serbia and and was entirely established on December 5, 2005. With the establishing of AGRBS the requirement for overcoming problems related to reference geodetic bases in the Republic of Serbia was met and the conditions were provided enabling the following:

  • Implementation and maintenance of geodetic reference framework of the Republic of Serbia,

  • Implementation, quality control and unification of the date of state survey geodetic bases,

  • Positioning of state survey precise points during the real estate cadastre establishing and updating,

  • Positioning for the purpose of producing of all sorts of topographic and cartographic backgrounds,

  • Implementation of geodetic control networks as well as of other kinds of positioning at designing, building and performance of constructional and other sorts of engineering and technical work.

  • Precise monitoring of public services vehicles as well as industrial facilities,

  • Monitoring and studying of geodynamic phenomena,

  • Accurate measuring distribution.

AGRBS, in accordance with the project, cosists of:

  • GPS segment which includes 32 permanent stations

  • Communication segment and

  • Users’ segment

The network was established in phases from 2002 to December 12, 2005, and on December 16, 2005 ?economic using of AGRBS service started.

Current services (users’ segment) which can be used are showed in the table:

AGRBS services

No. Service Accuracy [m] Description
1. АGRBS RTK 0.02 - 0.03 Positioning by application of kinematical method
2. АGRBS DGPS 0.5 - 3.0 Positioning by application of differential method
3. АGRBS PP 0.01 Positioning by application of static method

The procedure for users application for AGRBS service using

1. Future user applies by filling in the application form at

2. Within maximum three days from the date of application submitting The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) informs the future user on the request decision

3. After the decision has been passed the future user submits to the RGA the following documents:

  • A photocopy of the decision on tax identification number

  • A photocopy of the decision on company registration

  • A photocopy of certificate of measure precision not older than two years

After submitting of the mentioned documents, the user signs a contract with the RGA which is followed by opening a domain with a desired user’s name.

In case of using the limited number of hours (10, 20 or 50):

  • RGA Sector for Basic Geodetic Work (BGW) issues a bill in accordance with the chosen option

  • After the payment and submitting the receipt the domain becomes active

In case of using the ‘per minute’ regime or using AGRBS PP at the end of every month RGA sector for Basic Geodetic Work delivers to the customers a bill which is to be paid within five days.

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