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Digital orthophoto of 20cm resolution and 5 more urban areas on the geoportal

The Republic Geodetic Authority continues uploading on the initial geoportal digital orthophoto produced under the CARDS programme.

Orthophoto in ETRS89/UTM projection is continuously being delivered, under the CARDS programme. The orthophoto, published on the geoportal, has been checked and verified by the Republic Geodetic Authority.

Publishing of orthophoto of 20cm resolution has started for the area of cadastral municipalities which are not in state coordinate system (area in stereographic and Soldner projections). The orthophoto of 20cm resolution can be viewed on the geoportal on the Orthophoto-20cm layer for: municipality Backa Palanka (cadastral municipality Despotovo), municipality Backi Petrovac (cadastral municipalities: Backi Petrovac, Kulpin i Maglic), municipality Vrbas (cadastral municipalities: Kosancic, Kucura i Savino Selo), municipality Zabalj (cadastral municipalities: Gospodjinci, Djurdjevo, Zabalj i Curug), municipality Zitiste (cadastral municipality Banatsko Karadjordjevo), municipality Zrenjanin (cadastral municipalities: Elemir, Srpski Elemir, Taras1 i Taras2), municipality Kanjiza (cadastral municipalities: Adorjan, Velebit i Martonos), municipality Nova Crnja (cadastral municipalities: Aleksandrovo, Vojoda Stepa, Molin i Nova Crnja), municipality Senta (cadastral municipality Batka), municipality Temerin (cadastral municipalities: Kamendin i Sirig) i municipality Coka (cadastral municipalities: Jazovo1, Jazovo2, Ostojicevo, Sanad, Crna Bara i Coka).

Besides the previously published orthophoto of towns, digital orthophoto of 10 cm resolution is available for other 5 urban areas as follows: Aleksandovac, Bor, Guca, Sevojno and Ub.

The published orthophoto is available for distribution in ETRS89/UTM projection.

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