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Exchange of the experience in area of mass valuation

During March 20-23, 2017 Republic Geodetic Authority was visited by colleagues from the Belarusian National Cadastral Agency. Main topic of the visit was to exchange experiences in the field of mass valuation of real estates. In addition, the interest of the Belarusian colleagues included Cadastral System in the Republic of Serbia.

During the four-day visit mutually were represented systems, methods of work, organization and general solutions used primarily in the field of mass valuation of real estate. Some of the time is devoted on sharing experiences in the use of available tools for specific tasks in analyzes which are part of the mass valuation.

Communication was open and it was found that the tasks and problems in work are the same. Market logic is used in both countries in accordance with the available data and resources. Some solutions are different, which led to new views and ideas for resolving the situations.

The visit was evaluated as a mutually beneficial with the consent that the cooperation should be deepened in mass valuation area but also in other areas of competence of the national geodetic institutions.

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