Consultant for Data Verification, Analysis and Modeling for Mass Property Valuation


The Republic of Serbia and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Hereinafter: IBRD) concluded the Loan Agreement (Hereinafter: LA) for the Real Estate Management Project in Serbia (Hereinafter: the Project), signed by the two parties on April 17th, 2015 and ratified by the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia in its session on Jun 24, 2015 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia – International contracts, No. 13-15).

The Law on State Surveys and Cadastre (LSSC, 2009) with appropriate amendments provides a solid foundation for the project. A viable single agency, the Serbian Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA), is implementing the LSSC. A Project Council and Project Steering Committee are supervising the.

The Project consists of four components: (A) Valuation and Property Taxation; (B) E-governance for Enabling Access to Real Estate Information; (C) Institutional Development of the RGA; and (D) Project Management and Support Activities.

The objective of the Project is to improve the efficiency, transparency, accessibility and reliability of the Republic of Serbia’s real property management systems.

A full description of the Project is provided in the document “Project Appraisal Document” (PAD) and Loan Agreement (LA). The PAD is considered as a part of the necessary background materials to be understood by Consultants. Implementation is entrusted to the Project Implementation Unit (Hereinafter: PIU) of the Republic Geodetic Authority (Hereinafter: RGA).


Component A (Valuation and Property Taxation) of the Serbia REMP aims to: a. improve the system for annual property taxation by: i. developing a sales price registry for real estate; ii. developing software to process data from the sales price registry; iii. developing and assessing a Mass Appraisal pilot program on property tax rolls and collection procedures in local governments units; and iv. establishing a building registry. b. improve the real estate valuation framework through, improving the quality of education for valuers, and adopting internationally recognized standards for valuation. The main objective of this consultancy is to provide support for Mass Appraisal pilot programs, through assistance to RGA personnel in market data analysis and development of models for mass property valuation based on market data in Sales Price Register. Assistance to RGA personnel encompasses a hands-on training workshop on data analysis and model development, suggesting a plan for model development and providing advice during the model development phase of pilot programs.

Consultant’s Tasks

• Analyze and evaluate property market data;

• Provide proposal plan for development of mass property valuation models based on analysis of existing data;

• Provide proposal for change/expansion/narrowing of dataset collected from property market transactions based on analysis of existing property market data Consultant’s experience; • Prepare a plan for a hands-on training workshop(s) for RGA staff;

• Agree on number and duration of hands-on training workshops for RGA staff with RGA management;

• Hold agreed number of workshops;

• Prepare report on each workshop outlining the results and evaluation of RGA staff performance and provide suggestions for further capacity building of RGA staff;

• Provide advice and guidance to RGA staff during property valuation model development with providing proposal for first official model development for Serbia;

• Prepare final report on activities performed under this contract with evaluation of final adopted mass property valuation models and suggestions for further improvement of models and model development process and capacity building of RGA staff.

Professional Expertise Required

Minimum requirements

a) University degree in relevant field; b) Six years of relevant practical experience in property valuation and taxation with at least three years of experience in mass property valuation model development; c) The candidate should be fluent in written and spoken English


d) Advanced degree (master, doctorate) in relevant field; e) Relevant experience in creation and development of mass appraisal models; f) Experience in mass appraisal project planning and implementation, including the stages of piloting and capacity building; g) Demonstrated skills on statistical analysis; h) Knowledge of Serbian language.


The Consultant shall be selected in accordance with the individual consultant (IC) selection method as described in the “Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers”, published by the World Bank in January 2011, revised in July 2014.

For additional information, clarification or discussion about the consultancy, please contact Mr. Petar Jovanov through e-mail: pjovanov@rgz.gov.rs Expressions of Interest can be delivered in writing or by e-mail on the addresses stated below until November 30, 2018 3PM CET.

Expression of interest should include the position number and current CV of the Consultant. Please, send expressions of interest to: Republic Geodetic Authority Project Implementation Unit Address: Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 39, 11000 Beograd, Republic of Serbia Phone: +381 11 715 27 11 Fax: +381 11 715 26 09 e-mail: wb@rgz.gov.rs.

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